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Withers Scholarship

Withers Scholarship Information for Academic Year, 2018-19

The Withers Scholarships were established in 1982 by a gift from Miss Freda C. Withers. Income from the gift is available each year for merit scholarships to students at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. The Withers Scholars Selection Committee is independent of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, the State of Indiana, or any governmental aid program. The Withers Scholarship Selection Committee is made up of private citizens from the Fort Wayne community.

The Withers Scholars program rewards and promotes the values of academic scholarship, character and service to the community and society. The awards cover tuition and campus service/parking fees for an academic year (certain fees and books are not covered). The number of awards is determined by the income on investments and the quality of the applications. Withers Scholars awards are available to all students without reference to race, religion, sex, age, or residence.  Please note that the Withers scholarship does not cover study abroad programs and out of state fees and tuition. 

Applicants must meet these criteria:

  • Junior or senior status at IPFW the year of the award
  • Academic major in either Education, History, Political Science, English, Communication, or Theater
  • Minimum 3.3 grade-point average (based on a 4.0 system)
  • Full-time student status each semester of the award (12-18 credit hours)
  • United States citizenship

A Withers Scholar may apply for a second year award.

Applicants must submit:

  • An application form (see below).
  • An official university transcript ordered from the Registrar's Office that include grades from the current fall semester.
  • Three letters of recommendation:
    • Must be received by the calendar deadline indicated below.
    • At least two of the referees should be qualified to discuss the applicant's academic abilities. 
    • All letters of recommendation must be sent directly by the referees to the Withers Scholarship Selection Committee, c/o Department of History, IPFW.  
    • Please note:  The Withers Board does not accept letters of recommendation via email. Please request that your writers submit their letters (on the appropriate letter head, if applicable) through the mail. All letters must be in by the due date.

Application forms are available online: (complete, save and print)  Withers Application 

Additional information regarding the Withers Scholars program may be obtained by emailing or the department offices of the eligible disciplines at IPFW.

 Applications, official transcripts ordered from the Registrar's Office and letters of recommendation must be received in the Withers Scholars Office, c/o Department of History, 2101 East Coliseum Boulevard, Fort Wayne IN 46805 by February 5, 2018.