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Realignment: Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management


__Friday, June 16th, 2017__ IPFW Announcement Email:
Earlier today, the Purdue University and Indiana University Boards of Trustees approved ancillary agreements to continue the work of realignment which will be effective July 1, 2018. The agreements approved include the Program Transfer Agreement; Student, Faculty and Staff Services Agreement; Curriculum Offering and Academic Delivery Agreement; Lease Agreement, and Teach-Out Agreement. With the exception of the Program Transfer Agreement, which takes effect July 1, 2017, the agreements provide for a one-year transition period before the realignment fully takes effect on July 1, 2018.

Final Realignment Agreement (PDF)


New Purdue Fort Wayne Course code list

Realignment Structure

The Legislative Process (including budget) in Indiana

Chancellor Search Updates

Past Events

Reorganization Events and Due Dates

Senate Document 16-24 Resolution on Academic Reorganization Process [PDF]
Explanation of Planned Reorganization Process [PDF of PowerPoint]

  • Monday, March 13th: Summary of discussions shared
  • Campus wide discussions of academic structures
    • Wednesday, March 15th, 1:00 pm: Neff 101
    • Monday, March 20th, noon: LA 159
    • Thursday, March 23rd,1:30 pm: Neff 101
  • Friday, March 31st: Summary of discussions shared
  • Friday, April 7th: Campus organizations submit proposals for academic reorganization
  • April: Three campus wide discussions of the conference committee proposal
  • Friday, April 28th: Proposal submitted to Senate
  • Friday, May 5th Proposal vote by Senate


Academics Working Group Topics

On January 5th, 2017, 75 Deans, Associate Deans, Chairs, Academic Affairs staff, Enrollment Management staff, and the members of the four standing Senate committees (full roster of attendees) met to begin the discussion of both the realignment transition process and the post-realignment structure.  On January 30th, 2017, about sixty faculty, staff and administrators (attendees who RSVP'd) met for a similar discussion. As we move through the coming weeks, we will all work to provide clarity/answers to the issues/concerns raised at both of these meetings as well as address topics they raised.

Some suggestions these participants offered to keep in mind as we progress are that the outcome of this process should be a university that meets the changing needs of our non-traditional and traditional students, is flexible, forward thinking, unified, supportive of research and faculty driven with strong liberal arts. It should become cohesive, a leader, respected and more well known.  It should value community, creativity, diversity, people and critical thinking.  We should become the premier campus of Purdue University (see complete list of beliefs and values).  

Seventy-five people at these events voted for the name Purdue Fort Wayne (all other choices received five or fewer votes). This group also strongly suggested using existing Senate, committee (CCSAC, APSAC etc.) and department structures (where applicable) to work on transition processes along with broad faculty, staff, and student input.

Post-realignment restructuring. Groups at each meeting participated in an academic restructuring exercise. Criteria such as shared content, common academic skills, accreditation needs and interdisciplinary collaboration and/or learning were used to create new academic structures. The complete list of criteria will be shared with groups working on this issue as will the list of additional information they felt would have been useful and ways to encourage wide participation

We welcome suggestions and feedback. As in all other university matters, the well-being and best interests of IPFW students are our highest priorities.











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