About Us

How our roles are organized.

The skill-sets and competencies necessary to support integrated marketing communications efforts are technical in nature, therefore we are organized by these functions:

Marketing and Client Services—responsible for all client support, including understanding client need, the scope of work, and delivering required end product

  • Executive Director—accountable for all university marketing communications needs and projects
  • Marketing Specialists—the primary points of contact for all marketing projects who oversee all client communication and support services. Who is your marketing specialist? [PDF]

Operations—schedules all Marketing Communications projects and ensures ongoing support is provided. Contact marketing@ipfw.edu or 260-481-6428

Creative Services—establishes university identity standards and meets client needs through visual design and copywriting services

  • Visual Design—team of graphic designers who work in print and digital media.
  • Copywriting—team of creative, editing, and proofing copywriters to meet client needs through print, digital, and experiential media.

Interactive Design—team of Web designers and developers who meet client needs through interactive media.

Social Media—combines creative services and Web technologies to meet client needs

Photography—works with the creative services team to capture marketing images and is available for taking university portraits

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