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This Week's RIPPLES Recipients

Janice Mitchell – Account Clerk

Janice, I really appreciate how you are always willing to help. You are so pleasant and cheerful when members of the FA team or I call. You are exemplary and have a wealth of knowledge that you willingly share to help others. Thank you for a job well done.

---Sarah Manley

 Maureen Linvill – Assistant Director of International Student Services

Your willingness to help with study abroad while I am on my honeymoon.

---Jamie Sandy

Marla Workman – Assistant Director for International Admissions

Your willingness to help with study abroad while I am on my honeymoon.

---Jamie Sandy

Denise Buhr – Associate Librarian

I appreciate you assisting the communication department in building a collection of resources that benefit the faculty and students with their research and education. Your communication is very encouraging when I have a request for the library to add a journal or book. I can't thank you enough.

---Sarah Symonds LeBlanc

Allyson Schreiber – Business Manager of Arts and Sciences

A BIG Thank You for the effort you put into creating and sharing the monthly department budget reports. I/we could not function as well as we do ;) without those reports. You are appreciated. You are always available to go over our budgets and do so with grace, patience and kindness. Thank you Allyson - you make it easier for us non-accountants.

---Laura Nagy

Mary Jane Casiano- Secretary

Thank you for organizing and planning the ABET team visit and all the work that goes into that. You do this with such grace and a smile even at stressful times. Thanks so much!

---Rita Reed

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