Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity






TBD Director of Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity KT G02A
Human Resources Front Desk General Assistance 260-481-6840 KT G02
Teresa Goodwin Talent Acquisition -Human Resources Coordinator 260-481-6177 KT G02G
Christine Hall Human Resources Information Specialist 260-481-0694 KT G02H
Melissa Helmsing HR Operations Manager, Workforce Planning; Deputy Title IX Coordinator 260-481-5720 KT G02B
Christine M. Marcuccilli Associate Director-Compliance, Title IX Coordinator 260-481-6107 KT 252
Vanessa Mettler Manager of Pay, Benefits and Wellness 260-481-6684 KT G02D
Janice Mitchell Human Resources Information Specialist 260-481-6682 KT G02H
Dimples Smith HR Operations Manager : Compensation & Classification, Organizational Development and Supports: Academic and Student Affairs & Enrollment Management 260-481-6681 KT G02E
Pooja Singh Compensation and Classification Specialist 260-481-6680 KT G02F
Andia Walker Investigator & Compliance Administrator 260-481-6106

KT 252