Student Housing

Leasing Questions:

When should I apply for Housing?

We will accept applications at any time. There is no deadline to sign up, everything is on a first-come first-served basis.

Once we receive your application we will send you a Housing Contract that you will need to sign and return with the contract and supporting documents. When all of that is received in our office you will then have a space reserved in Housing.

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What does “individual lease” mean?

Individual lease means that the student is responsible for their space only. If your roommate does not pay his/her installments that has NO effect on your status. If your roommate leaves the apartment for any reason you are NOT responsible for his/her portion of rent.

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What happens if I do not like my Roommate?

First, you will want to talk to your RA. Usually roommate issues are a matter of communication and your RA can facilitate communication between roommates. If you still having a problem, you can request a room change by completing the request form and dropping it off at the Housing Office. If spaces are available we will allow room changes.

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How do I apply for Housing?

Applying for student housing is easy!  The first step is to get an application.  Students can request an application to be mailed or faxed  by calling 260-481-4180. Students can also apply online! The application needs to be fully completed and signed, then return to our office with the $20 application fee and $150 security deposit.   This deposit is refundable. If you prefer to to mail, please mail your application to:

IPFW Student Housing  

4010 W. Housing Dr.

Fort Wayne, IN 46815

Once we receive your application, we will send you a Housing Contract. You will need to sign and return the contract along with supporting documents. When all of that is received in our office, you will then have a space reserved in Housing. For more details on the application process, check out the prospective students tab.

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How do I cancel my lease?

A student can request to cancel your contract by completing a cancellation request form.  This is only a request and needs to be accompanied by a letter stating why the student wishes to request cancellation or provide proof that your education at IPFW is not continuing.  If a cancellation is granted, the minimum fee is $400.  If a cancellation is not granted, then the student will be held financially responsible for the remainder of the lease.

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What information will I get about my roommate?

Roommate information is limited.  The information we gather is used to make the best match possible for all residents.  Once matches are made,  then generally the name, phone number, and e-mail information is distributed.

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Can I move-in early?

Students can request to move in early. This is a request, and a fee will be assessed per day that students move in prior to the lease start date. Go to the forms section of our Web site in order to obtain the request form.

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Can I request a roommate?

Students can request to live with each other.  If all students wanting to live together list each other, then we will do our best to place them with each other.

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When are applications Due?

We are currently accepting applications.

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Do you run out of rooms?

Yes.  It is especially important to apply early if you want to have a specific room type.

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