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Official IPSGA Statement Regarding USAP Report:


IPSGA Position Statement: USAP Report and Action Plan 41

Andrew Kreager, Student Body President

Alexander Sanderson, Vice President of Legislation

James Hoppes, Vice President of Finance

Alexis Tucker, Vice President of Programming

Dear Campus Community,

The Indiana University-Purdue University Student Government Association (IPSGA) is responsible for serving as the active voice of the students. IPSGA, as well as the student body, are well aware of incoming changes from the USAP report and we are prepared to speak out about it.

The USAP report came out back in May and we as IPSGA had a tremendous amount of input from students, alumni, and faculty. Over the course of the summer. IPSGA worked on creating a schedule for getting student input on the USAP report. We decided to wait until Action Plan 41 came out to solicit feedback from students. We called upon the Student Senators to help solicit feedback, as well as represent the Student Body, asking them to respond to the USAP report and Action Plan 41. We also encouraged the general Student Body to respond with any questions and feedback to IPSGA and

 Thanks to the input of students and Senators, we can confidently say that the students are concerned and scared for what the USAP report and Action Plan 41 have to say. Some students are concerned for their programs and whether they will still be here. Students have expressed concerns with the impact these recommendations will have on student services and student jobs. Many students expressed that the report is vague and not clear in many different areas.

With that being said, many students and Senators expressed an overall positive attitude toward the USAP report and Action Plan 41. Where there are some negative sides to the reports, most students had positive input to the report as a whole. Most students understand the background behind the reports and why they came about at such a crucial point in IPFW’s future.

The students have spoken and we as IPSGA are relaying their message; as executive officers, as students of IPFW, as one IPFW Mastodon family, and as representatives of 12,000 voices, we respectfully ACCEPT the recommendations set forth by the USAP Report and Action Plan 41.



The Executive Officers on behalf of IPSGA



IPSGA is your student government at IPFW. Our goal is to make college life successful, fun, and worthwhile for all members of the IPFW student body. Please check out the rest of this site to find out about everything have to offer our students and how we may be able to improve your campus experience.

Our Purpose

The Indiana Purdue Student Government Association (IPSGA) shall:

  • Improve the student body's academic, cultural, mental, physical, and social welfare
  • Safeguard the academic and individual freedoms of the members of the IPFW student body
  • Forumulate policies governing the activities and welfare of the members of the IPFW student body
  • Advise the administration and faculty on the studen viewpoint concerning matters of student interest
  • Seek and support legislation pertinent to the best interests of the IPFW student body


We need your input to know how to use our time and resources to make the IPFW experience the best that it can be for all students. Please let us know what you think of IPSGA using our Online Submission Form.

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