Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Hosni Abu-Mulaweh Convective heat and mass transfer, turbulent heat transfer, laminar mixed and natural convection
Dr. Mohammad Alhassan Mechanical properties and durability of plain and fibrous high performance concretes, analysis and testing of structural models and prototypes for static & seismic forces, durability and structural behavior of CFRP-strengthened members, seismic behavior of beam-column connections
Dr. Zhuming Bi Design and manufacturing, machine design, solid mechanics , robotics and automation, reconfigurable manufacturing, modeling and simulation, and mechatronics
Dr. Dong Chen Water filtration membrane processes, aqueous chemistry, water and wastewater treatment, sonochemistry, photooxidation, corrosion science
Dr. Rebecca Essig Engineering Education, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Nutrient Dynamics, Hydrology
Dr. Bongsu Kang Applied mechanics, dynamics, linear and non-linear vibration, and elastic wave propagation
Dr. Donald Mueller Thermal sciences, machine design, numerical methods
Dr. Fawad Niazi Geotechnical in-situ testing and site characterization, geotechnical analysis and design of deep foundations, geophysical testing, geosynthetic interface tests, natural geohazards
Dr. Josué Njock Libii Fluid dynamics and wave phenomena, stratified flow and vibration of continuous systems
Dr. Nashwan Younis Solid mechanics, experimental stress analysis, experimental fracture mechanics