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Department of English and Linguistics - Undergraduate Degrees

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Bachelor of Arts

Majors in English must complete at least 15 credits at the 300 level or above in courses administered by the Department of English and Linguistics. With the exception of ENG W203, no 100- or 200-level writing courses will count toward the major. Only courses completed with a grade of C or better will fulfill major requirements.

Courses Required of All English Majors (18 credits)

  • one course in American literature: ENG L250, L251, L351, L352, L354, L355, L357, L358, L361, L372, L379
  • one course in British literature before 1700: ENG L220, L301, L304, L305, L306, L308, L309, L311, L314, L315, L317, L318
  • one course in British literature after 1700: ENG L302, L321, L322, L328, L331, L332, L335, L345, L347, L348, L388
  • one course in language study: ANTH L200, LING L103, L303, ENG G205, G206, G301, G405, L304, L305, L306
  • one course in writing (ENG W203 OR W-PREFIXED 300- OR 400-LEVEL): ENG W203, W301, W303, W310, W331, W350, W420, W462